by Maryanne Rose Papke


Archived here is the run of webcomic, Tile.
Read from the beginning, choose a storyline, or proceed at random.

There are also Tile comic books for sale, containing new stories not found online!

Tile and the Red Pandas

Tile comes to the aid of the Red Panda Kingdom.

Tile: The Lost Storyline

The story that was lost, now is found!
Tile seeks her wings, stolen by Space Hippos.

Plesiosaurs and Pie

Tile encounters the notorious plesiosaur, City.

Adventures in Gondwanaland

Picking up right where the webcomic ended,
Tile and her elephant travel to Gondwanaland.

Into the Shadowland

Tile ventures forth into the menacing Shadowland.

Lord Knight Skeletons' Revenge

Tile's most dangerous foe returns with a vengeance--
she will need some help from an old friend.


Posted Mar 21, 2016
by Maryanne

From April 1st to 30th, I will be running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a 160-page perfect-bound book, collecting the five existing bonus Tile stories, and a new sixth one, Lord Knight Skeletons' Revenge! All six of them will be in color! This link will redirect to the Kickstarter page when the campaign begins!

Posted Feb 06, 2016
by Maryanne

I made a calendar of my convention schedule for the next four months! First up is I.C.E. in Dayton, OH. Then I will exhibiting with the Sunday Comix group at the Indie Comix Fair in Columbus, OH. Also in Columbus, in April I will be at S.P.A.C.E. And then in May we have the Big Comic Show in Pickerington, OH. Three out of four of these events are FREE to attend! So I hope to see you there!


Posted Nov 18, 2015
by Maryanne

The new Tile minicomic, Into the Shadowland is now available! Find it in the Store!

Posted Aug 17, 2015
by Maryanne

Next con appearance is Tricon Ohio this weekend in Columbus! I'm at table 18!


Posted May 08, 2015
by Maryanne

Meant to get this notice out sooner, but May 9th I will be at the Pickerington Public Library's Big Comic Show! But if that's too short of notice for you I will also be at Anime Central in Chicago the following weekend!

Big news for Tile coming soon too! Stay tuned!

Posted Apr 07, 2015
by Maryanne

I will be at Extra SPACE this Saturday in Columbus! Admission is free! Come check it out!

Posted Mar 23, 2015
by Maryanne

I will be at PIX in Pittsburgh on Saturday! I will have all my minicomics, including the first 26 pages of Xylobone Tomes printed up, as well as a brand new color print! :o If you're in the area, come by and say hi. Admission is free!

Posted Jan 22, 2015
by Maryanne

Big news! Last month I started a new webcomic, Xylobone Tomes! It is of a more long-form story-type than Tile, but check it out! It has a lich and an adorable minion! Now updating Mondays and Thursdays.

In other news, I will be at Ohayocon in Columbus, January 30 to February 1! Come find me in the Artist Alley at table 56. I will have my books for sale, a couple new prints, and a brand new free comic to give away!


Posted Oct 28, 2014
by Maryanne

Well, Epic-Con was a bust, but next weekend is Oddmall again! November 1-2 in Akron, OH. Admission is free and it looks like there will be some rocking parties as well. Come check it out!

Posted Oct 23, 2014
by Maryanne

I will be at Epic-Con this weekend! October 24-26 in Dayton, OH. Come see me and be the first to purchase the brand new Tile book, Adventures in Gondwanaland!

If you can't make it to this show, watch out, I'll be at Oddmall the following weekend!

Posted Oct 10, 2014
by Maryanne

24 Hour Comic Day was last weekend and I took the opportunity to tell the story of Tile's Adventures in Gondwanaland! The story begins just as the webcomic ended, with Tile and her elephant flying off in search of pirates. Now available in the store!

Posted Sep 15, 2014
by Maryanne

My new comic A Tale of Two M's is now available! Buy it online or come see me this weekend at Independents' Day in Columbus! I will be there 1-3pm on Sunday, the 21st, but my comics will be there available for purchase all weekend, along with a multitude of other local comic creators. Details here!

In other news, preliminary preparatory work has begun on a new webcomic I hope to launch in a few months!

Posted Jul 07, 2014
by Maryanne

This coming weekend I will be participating in an event at the local comic shop, the Laughing Ogre, in Columbus. I will be there along with a few other artists between 3-6 pm on Sunday, July 13. But there is a rotating schedule with several different comic artists throughout the weekend. Details here!

Meanwhile I am nearing the mid-way point in finishing A Tale of Two M's. Here is a preview!

Posted May 21, 2014
by Maryanne

Come see me at Tricon on May 31! I will be at table 79.


Posted May 12, 2014
by Maryanne

Had a good time at Oddmall, and if you missed me there, I'll be at The Pickerington Public Library's very first Big Comic Show this coming Saturday!

Posted May 09, 2014
by Maryanne

Oddmall is on Saturday! I will be in the Comic and Game Expo area, at table 153.


In addition to my comics I will also have at my table the adorable plush monster creations of my sister-in-law. So, if you are in the area, come stop by! Even besides us, Oddmall is chock full of crazy and weird, and I'm sure you'll have a most excellent time.

Posted Apr 20, 2014
by Maryanne

Hello, hello! SPACE I deem to have gone well, and if you missed it, you can read the free comic I was giving away, Tapiridae Dreams, online!

With the completion of the Extras page, the new Tile website is officially complete. See there the images which won the 2006 Miss Comicgenesis pageant, a short comic about Cappuccino, as well as fanart from years previous. I have also hidden on the website secret background info on some of the comics!

My next convention appearance will be at Oddmall on May 10!

Posted Mar 10, 2014
by Maryanne

Plesiosaurs and Pie, the new Tile book, is now available!

In Plesiosaurs and Pie, Tile goes back in time and meets the notorious plesiosaur, City, and we learn the story surrounding that encounter.

Saturday at Indie Comics Fair also happened to be minicomics day, where you are encouraged to completely draw and reproduce a short minicomic during the day. I did one entitled Origin of a Hat, featuring none other than our own bowler-sporting specter. So that will be made available at some point as well.

In other news I will soon begin work on a new comic about letters, as well as a new free comic to give away at SPACE next month.

Posted Feb 24, 2014
by Maryanne

I will be at Indie Comics Fair on March 8, at the Ace of Cups in Columbus, OH. I will have some space at the Sunday Comix table, and will be there with my comics for sale, including the brand new comic, Wh-ZAH! And maybe, just maybe, Plesiosaurs and Pie will debut as well!

Posted Feb 12, 2014
by Maryanne

Official archive of the Tile webcomic run now online!

Watch here for news on upcoming Tile books and convention appearances. I am working on spiffing up the site even more, to include extras and easter eggs.

I have most recently completed the spin-off comic, Wh-ZAH! featuring two of the ninja background characters (the same ones who found Mr. Mapleleaf). A spin-off comic featuring Cappuccino is also under production, and I have a script completed for the next Tile book, Plesiosaurs and Pie, to be released later this year.

So yes, while the webcomic itself has ended, Tile lives on in print. Very exciting.

Email: maryanne at silverkraken

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