Maryanne Rose Papke





Free Comics!

Every year (or close to), I make a new six-page minicomic to give away as freebies.
Read them here, or print them out!

Here are folding instructions.

Quest for Purple Button cover
2009: Quest for Purple Button

I originally sold these for 50¢ and they came with an actual purple button hidden inside!

Oswald Bacon cover
2012: Oswald Bacon's Auriferous Fruit

This is a smaller book, with two per sheet, so cut the page in half before folding.

Politics of a Twig cover
2013: Politics of a Twig

Dietary inaccuracies aside, I still really like this one.

Tapiridae Dreams cover
2014: Tapiridae Dreams

Alice first appeared in Tile!

Ariel's Spell cover
2015: Ariel's Spell

Ariel from Xylobone Tomes.

The Great Lich, Saga cover
2016: The Great Lich, Saga

Saga from Xylobone Tomes.

A Tile Tale cover
2017: A Tile Tale

Tile of course, from Tile.

Melancholia's Calamity cover
2018: Melancholia's Calamity

This comic was written like a mad-lib!

Universe Ink cover
2020: Universe Ink

Adapted from a script I wrote in college.

Crunch Crunch cover
2022: Crunch Crunch

Probably the creepiest comic I've ever published.

Orb of Iedd cover
2023: Orb of Iedd

I pronounce it ee-ed, but you do you.